Alexis Sánchez


Wenger is definitely intelligent but these last few years have illustrated that he’s not quite the genius I thought he was.


It’s that time of the month for Alexis again


So Alexis is pretty much definitely off then. Is Lacazette his replacement?


He clearly doesn’t give a fuck about us anymore. Sell him abroad at this point.


You just coming to this conclusion now lol?


I thought there was a chance he’d play out his contract before he went on strike, yea




I’m sure he’ll stay. Always have been.


I see no reason to not take Arsene at his word on this.

Would be a PR disaster to sell him after a whole window saying exactly the same line on Sanchez - that he will see out his contract.


Selling him after saying you wouldn’t is like 5% more of a PR disaster than just selling him.

Old Arsene’s been here before, he can handle the heat :sunglasses:


Wenger has never reiterated it this much before though. He seems to have grown a pair this time and is standing firm.

The only way I see Alexis possibly moving is if he pushes it and hands in a transfer request, which I can’t see him doing as he knows he only has 10 months left before he can go on a free and therefore expect a higher salary.


If a big offer comes in, will the board override Wenger on this?


rather keep Alexis tbh. But £80m is juicy.

Only worth selling if he is replaced by equal talent, and in reality there just arent many, if any players of his calibre around.

What’s Griezmann up to these days?


Wenger’s really gone to town on the ‘he’s staying’ line, I really feel you can add a couple of zeros onto that 5 :grimacing:

Anyway Wenger’s not getting any younger now and kinda needs Sanchez too much in the short term. I like this new improved selfish Arsène a little more :sunglasses:


80 million is a super price given his contract situation, but we aren’t replacing him with anything close to equal talent, especially with only 3 weeks left in the transfer window.


80 million just doesn’t sound realistic to me.

While it’s admirable that Wenger is sticking to his guns, it’s comical to think that Wenger hasn’t bothered to strengthen the team enough for a title challenge the last couple of seasons with Alexis.

I guess the point is that the champions league money is > what Arsenal could realistically get for him now.

But what of next summer?


Where has all this 80m talk come from?


Some rumour that I saw on ESPN but I’m not sure where else, either way I doubt its true.


If PSG think they can fit Neymar and Alexis into the same team then I say we take the 80M right now.


While I can understand losing him next season for nothing would be a financial blow, especially if 80 million is on offer right now, I just want to see us in full flow with Alexis, Ozil, Laca, Xhaka and whoever else we buy for one season.