Alexis Sánchez


We will never win a trophy again under Wenger, of course. That was my fav.


I’d love for us to win the league again under Wenger, that would be an absolute beauty to be proven wrong on.


I would wager that you’d still have something to complain about if we won the league, Aussie. :smile:


I’d likely be up in arms about our European failures :joy:


at least you’re honest about it!


[quote=“Oliver, post:3972, topic:98, full:true”]
We will never win a trophy again under Wenger, of course. That was my fav.
[/quote]It’s you who are making stuff up.
I said we wouldn’t win the PL unless he changed his transfer policy.




Apparently this dude is a lawyer who’s firm would only be involved in finalising clauses etc in a contract that’s already been agreed and the hash tags look incouraging…

Seems to have recovered from his flu either way


If my lawyer wanted to take selfies with me I’d fire him/her.


I doubt any lawyer would want to take a photo with you tbh.


I think that his lawyer made the trip with him, to get visa in Paris before getting back to london.


I’d fire anyone who used that many hashtags


Yep, a contract for P.S.G or City. :wink:



Hash tag says london and if there is a lawyer involved it’s an actual contract ready to be signed and if we had accepted a bid for one of those 2 we’d know about it surely?

it’s probably for his work permit as he has to go to Paris every summer to pick it up or something like that apparently


Every extra-EU players need a check in the european offices in Paris to enter legaly in Europe.


To clarify:


Due to the UK not being in Schengen that explanation makes no sense.

And I’m fairly certain that isn’t even remotely true.


Joel Campbell did the same, Wellington Silva recently did the same, Higuain and the non EU Juventus players did the same before to arrive in Vinovo etc…


That’s what twitter says and he deffo did it last year as well