Alexis Sánchez


Jakey and Cristo mentioned above that it’s winter in Chile, plus a long flight in the “rarified” air in a plane, it’s quite likely you’d pick up some bug. It’s happened to me before now.


Yeah, he is the only way to keep him at Arsenal. He just can’t live without his dogs.


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Updates according Telegraph and El Mercurio:

  • Sànchez hasn’t advised the club about his sickness
  • The last official news from the player is his arrive tomorrow in London for the medicals
  • The unofficial news is clear: Alexis Sànchez will remain in Chile and will not fly back to London
  • Talks with Sanchez/ his reps over a £280kpw new deal have already broken down
  • Fernando Felicevich is open to stay for another season and wait until the end of June to explore all the options
  • Sànchez wants to live now and the Instagram post is the first step to force a move
  • Alexis had hoped to take an extra couple of days off [he is off since the 3th of July], but Arsene Wenger wants him back in training on Sunday.


Tbf to @Maxi_Gooner players have been doing this shit to force a move. Going on strikes for any sort of shit reason. Sometimes it also leads to a better contract, but that won’t be the case here I reckon.


Call his bluff. He will tank his own value for his next contract if he sits out or plays poorly this year. And he is too competitive for that anyway.


It’s all bullshit the reports said he was in Paris discussing A move to psg like 3 days ago :expressionless:


Le Parisien are the same who have written of Coutinho and Sànchez with Neymar at PSG because the brazilian requested them (plus the confirm of Lucas Moura) to sign.


This is kinda what I feared may happen, so much for the famed Sanchez professionalism. He holds a lot of cards in his favour really, I’m not even sure a season of barely-disguised contempt for his current employers will put off certain clubs queueing up to nab him on a free.

For me you still keep him and make him tow the line but I understand how desperate Arsenal must be for PSG to come in with a late bid and end this mess this summer. Difficult one.


I fear we’re not exactly in a position to have him sit out games (at least not meaningful ones). You just have to think back to Liverpool away where it failed spectacularly. And given that he’s a free agent in a year’s time he’s have to have a lot of things going wrong for him to tank his own contract value.


I’d happily take £40m for him at this rate; get this out of our life and let us move on asap so we can just spunk a bucketload of money on someone like Lemar or whatever and crack on with the new season.

What’ll inevitably happen is we dilly dally until 31st August when PSG come in with a £30m lowball offer to force our hand because they know we’ll be desperate not to let him go to City or Chelsea next season, we’ll accept it, have no time to find a replacement and then Wenger will say “It is time for Iwobi to step up. He has the quality. We also have Walcott and Welbeck who are top quality and know the club and premier league well” and then watch us finish 5th again.


For a player who wants to play even with a broken leg to be sick during the summer is a bit strange.


yup so professional this cuntbag Sanchez is :bellerin:

Fucking wanker he may be good at football but is a monster cunt of a human being we should just fucking get rid now it is obvious that this stupid fucker cannot be trusted to be ‘professional’ he hasnt been ‘professional’ for us in ages, the guys is a fucking child a money grabbing merc of a petulant child. Just get rid he wont be nothing but toxic now if he wasnt before, waste of our summer keeping hold of him fuck him off and replace with someone of reasonable quality it is not as if he lead us to much in the league anyway we have gone backwards with the rat fuck!


Let’s kidnap his dogs, then let’s see if he still wants to leave :wink:


Better to have him sit out a few games than sell him to Man City and “replace” him with nobody or someone totally unsuited like Mahrez.

If I’m Wenger I handcuff myself to the wheel and throw away the key. I publicly promise that I’ll quit before selling Sanchez to a league rival. He might cry for a bit but will soon realize that it’s in his best interests to come back and play his best football to maximize his next contract.


I’ll wait to see if he returns before Sunday, but it isn’t looking good. The club can’t do much if he’s all the way in Chile, and it’s really not good to have a player who wants out hanging around the training ground.

This will definitely play out for a while longer yet, guess we may just have to hope that a club from out of the PL comes in for him.


Good post


50 new posts based on an Instagram picture I posted.

Winning :rofl:

P.s. Wait until the new season starts guys


I don’t know, now seems to late for a big offer. Alexis isn’t a priority for City as City looks a priority for Alexis. In June, when City, Juve, Chelsea, Bayern, United were all on the market for an offensive player, a big offer was plausibile.

Why Guardiola - or another manager interrsted - should spend 50/60M if next year can sign him for free?


This all stinks of modern day player doing everything he can to move without actually saying it.

Starting to believe him staying will cause more problems than its worth.