Alexandre Lacazette (9)


Beat me to it, MM.


So Laca to become a back up? :mustafi:


At least now we can see if the number 9 shirt is actually cursed or if it was just a case of Wenger being a bargain basement cunt.


will be finally have a player to break the number 9 curse, hope so


As long as he doesn’t make him captain he should be ok.


it’s about time the #9 shirt curse was shown up for the load of nonsense it is, Lacazette will see to that.


Yes fab signing


How amazing would it be if after all this he was just this season’s Perez


Are we off loading Perez or what?


:smile:. Number 9 has always been worn by bad players since our best strikers wore 14 (which is being disgraced every single day) and 10.


Apart from Eduardo!!!


Obviously talented but I can’t help but feel Arsenal fans make him out to be some kind of martyr.


I merely object to him being included in the “bad” category.

And fucking Podolski too!!


Of course, I wasn’t saying otherwise. Just merely making conversation as he seems to be the provenance as to why the number 9 shirt is cursed in the first place. In reality it’s a bit of a modern myth and something newer fans seem to dwell on moreso.

Contrary to popular opinion I feel we probably wouldn’t have won the league had Eduardo stayed fit, but then again I’m quite the cynic.


Yea well really anything being cursed is overblown shite in reality but then again football fans routinely use the word saga to describe whether or not a player will leave a club and sign for another club…which happens literally thousands of times every year so you can’t take that shit too seriously :smile:

I’ve always thought gallas being a cunt was more detrimental than the Eduardo injury myself. you could argue causation there though guess…


I don’t think it was just losing Eduardo. But moreso the mental blow that whole situation brought. That leg break was mental.


We were first for the majority of the season he was here up until he got his leg snapped off, 100% fact we would have won the league that year if that hadn’t happened


We were first for most of the 13/14 season and ended up finishing outside the top 2. So how are you 100% sure we’d have won the title in 07/08?


Well we dropped off in 13/14 after Ramsey got his leg snapped off didn’t we? Similar situation I’d say theirs a good chance we’d have won it that year too if hat hadn’t happened


I truly hope you mean this in a satirical sense.