Alexandre Lacazette (9)


I don’t speak French but I imagine the translation of his celebration was “It’s just what I do, bitches” so I very much liked it.


I loved the arrogance of that celebration.



Probably the only comparison I think fair to either player.


Yep, he has the similar elegance.


yeah reminded me of an Henry goal actually, the one he scored against United at the emirates


Prime 9 Ronaldo too. Low-centre-gravity dribbles in the box is it?



Going to be and is another low impact Arsenal forward. Not much movement and not much presence as a lot feared.


Not going to escape any of the blame. I can count 2 or 3 times Ox got him the ball in dangerous positions only for him to have a Lukaku like first touch and miss out on a golden opportunity. Bargain bin buy, yeah he was our record signing but 50m for a supposed top striker nowadays is like 15m 5 years ago. This guy isn’t gonna make it here and I find it truly hilarious the wanking that was going on in here over a guy who’s not even as good as Theo, offers us nothing different and my bets are he’s not going to give us a greater goal/assist output either. If someone would like to make a wager on that I’m 100% ready too btw.


Thanks god Welbeck scored 5 goals.


funny how you give lacazette 2 matches to make a decision but you are sucking walcotts dick when he has a 1st touch of a rapist and is generally just a fucking terrible footballer and has had 10 years to get better.


American does know nothing about football.


Theo would have converted any chance Laca or Welbeck got with ease today. He’s one of the best finishers at the club. But I guess you and Wenger love those players who have fancy skill moves as opposed to scoring goals. Looks like that’s what most Arsenal fans think the match is won by nowadays, as opposed to actual goals and assists, ya know what Theo provides, but no let’s sit him on the bench for the new shiny 50m guy we just bought. 50m means he’s good right?


Like Cocklott?


You aren’t making sense, shut up.


Suck my dick.


Luca, don’t get so fucking EMO.


Should have had a goal again though, wrongly ruled offside no?


If walcott is so good, why is wenger himself phasing him out…only bench roles for him in general doesnt look like he has the managers full backing to me.

Remember Lacazette is only just starting here and will take a while to settle in, if it was up to you we wouldnt have henry because he took nearly a season before he got his bearings and started to thrive.


And you stop defending trash. Trash just need to stay in a bin, not in a football team.


Calm the fuck down or you can have some time off. your choice.