Alexandre Lacazette (9)


So buzzing to see him play for us this season. :heart_eyes:

Played very well and great goal so unlucky not to score again massive save from Schemichael



Perfect first time hit from Elneny to assist Alexa in his first PL goal.


@Kaner :hipster:


I will say it was a very positive start from Laca, he finished his goal well early and whenever he got on the ball he looked lively and was positive trying to make things happen.


He put in a nice cross that Ramsey almost got on the end of just after he came on



Kisses to the crowd x1
Looking like a cool ass mofo x1


fantastic beard too.


you and beards :xhaka:


I thought he looked strong on the left as well after Giroud came on. This guy is definitely multifunctional




makes me laugh that his head is to big for his body, he does have a great beard though


His beard is meh. If he had a full head of hair I don’t think it would join up with the beard. You lose serious beard points if that’s the case imo.

Really liked him as a footballer tonight though. Think we’re in for a treat with him this season.


Whipping in a cross like that with his weaker foot looked pretty classy.


Hopefully his career won’t head in the same direction…


I wouldn’t mind a 24 goal league season from him though it must be said.


Some people really didnt back him the way they should have when he signed. Be positive. He is going to be a decent signing.


He did play pretty good I was impressed.


Hopefully he can score as many goals as Adebayor.


Yeah. I was more referring to after he leaves us. Meaning hopefully he won’t become a dick and, for example, score against us and run the entire length of the pitch to celebrate in front of us…