Alexandre Lacazette (9)


He is at Giroud level, but if you take him and Olly together it is still an improvement overall.


Was quality today. Deserved that one that hit the post - was a great move.


Isolated a bit today, but was bright… will be a lot more effective I reckon with Ozil and Sanchez in the lineup…


Hmmmm, playing with Ozil and Sanchez should help him I hope. Hopefully picking him my FPL team won’t bite me in the bum.


He was ok in the first half, then he faded away. He needs to play with Ozil and Sanchez.


While that will help, we need to play to his strengths as well. I really hope Arsene has worked out how to get the best out of him.


Still not overly impressed.


But impressed with fucking walcott…get out of here you joker!


Theo was terrible yesterday. He missed abquite easy chance.


I thought his movement was fantastic tbh


I think you will find the whole game changed when Theo came on. The players and fans got a huge lift from his mere prescence. His silky touches and world class movement turned the game on its head. Almost scored if it wasn’t for that world class bit of defending by Cahill. His penalty kick was absolutely magnificent too. Scored like that from 12 yards, who knew he had it in him. We are truly blessed to have such a talented player. God bless Theo, stay forever :pray::heart:


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Couldn’t agree more. I have similar complimentary thoughts on Arsene.

Arsene, stay forever :pray::heart:


Really like what I saw from him tonight didn’t have a lot of service but was very dangerous and also linked up with everyone very well.

What a goal that would have been if it went in off his left foot, bloody Schmeichel tipped it over the bar.


great game. To score that early must feel great. Runs to offer a pass and to show he wants to participate when we get stuck passing, quick on through balls, links up well, I’m impressed! looking forward to a season with this guy!


Looked good, hopefully we’ve finally found our fox in the box


MoTM. All-around striker.


was pleased he got his first goal for us today (and early) nice header and also liked the celebration


Phenomenal performance.

Give him the #14 shirt.


Played hard. Really optimistic about this guy now I’ve seen him play for us.