Alexandre Lacazette (9)


Except for Gervinho those were all squad players tho. Denilson was an 18-year old that can always be a bust. Not saying Wenger isn’t infallible, but those might not be the best examples. Picking Almunia as number 1 f.e. moreso imo.


We’ll have to see how Laca does. Anyone expecting him to be Henry is tripping balls. A more productive Theo Walcott I could see though. We should have gone for Costa imo.


Tetchy little anti-south american bugger, isn’t he?


LOL I don’t get this, aren’t you the one always making digs about south Americans because you (jokingly? :stuck_out_tongue:) think you Spaniards are superior?!

Like I have literally no idea how these anti south American jokes work :joy:




There’s a massive gulf between ‘World Class’ and ‘Giroud level’. All this ‘world class’ talk is largely nonsense anyway. Teams have won titles and champions leagues without world class players. Football is about systems of play, individual strengths and maximising efficiency of those systems and strengths. When it comes to Lacazette his strength is clearly his finishing and his shot alongside a decent all round game. His movement is disapointing and I’d like to see it improve. But if he has a chance more often than not he’ll put it away.

Also with our current front 3 Lacazette can play behind Giroud or in front of Alexis/Ozil.


Sounds like your describing Jermaine Defoe (who at his peak was pretty good and even now still decent)

Just like Danny welbeck (or Lucas Perez lol)


The difference between Defoe and Lacazette would be that Lacazette has at least some idea how to combine with other humans.

But yeh, the second part I agree with, Lacazette behind/with Gioud strikes me as a pretty terrible idea.


So Darren Bent then :weary:


He does look a bit like Darren Bent actually :grin:


No. “Lacazette has at least some idea how to combine with other humans” is a kind of long way of saying he’s not English.


How was Loric Remys record in France before he finally came to England after being linked with us every summer?


Not nearly as good as Lacazette’s, or at all comparable, lol.


Was genuinely wondering to be fair I’ll stop running our new striker down now lol


Cuellar’s humour has no rhyme or reason, you either embrace it, or allow it to drive you to brink of madness.


It feels good to be got. :relaxed:


He has better striking technique than Defoe but Defoe would of scored plenty here. I might be optimistic but I hope he could do as well as another none world class legend here of a similar height who set us a goal scoring record

Ultimately we’ll see after a couple of seasons. Both Giroud and Bergkamp didn’t score for about their first 10 games.


Ian wright was world class but yeah I agree defore would have done well here


I never considered Wrighty as prolific as he was for us world class. Costa and Kaine aren’t world class either. Neither were Cole and Yorke for United when they were winning everything


Remy scored at about half the rate in Ligue 1 that Lacazette has. I’d have taken Remy though