Alexandre Lacazette (9)


Are you saying you know better than Arsene Wenger, professional manager for longer than you’ve been alive?

You should be ashamed


In fairness, Wenger has signed some fucking duds in the past.

Santos, Jeffers, Park, Gervinho, Squllaci, Silvestre, Denilson etc. Just to name a few.

He’s far from infallible.


I honestly don’t think wenger rates him much either which is why he will be behind giroud and welbeck and possibly even Walcott in the pecking order very quicky


Indeed. But it’s probably not wise to judge a player before he’s even kicked a ball in a competitive match for us.


Thanks for pointing that out Cristo, I was being entirely serious so I’m glad you pointed out the flaws in what I thought was infallible logic.



I was of the impression bad signings are a part of the job description.


Do you know someone who isn’t infallible? Jesus trusted in Judas…


How many chances did we make for him yesterday ? I’d say one real clear cut one ? (And possibly the early sidefoot that was on target) And he stuck it away :man_shrugging:t2: That’s what he’s here for.
Regardless of how much he cost it’s obviously gonna take time for him to settle personally , and time to bed him in the team.


You’re not exactly the master of getting online sarcasm either this month lol.


Nobody is.

But in fairness, AW doesn’t have a remote control in his hands putting every player, every ball, exactly where he thinks they should be at any given moment. :wenger:


Didn’t see the game yesterday, but I’m in with those saying give Laca a chance to settle in.


I wasn’t a huge fan of the signing but he absolutely deserves at least a full season, if not two, to be judged upon.

One of the biggest advantages that Lacazette possesses over Giroud is that he is more mobile (but still a real 9, unlike Theo) and therefore should help bring the best out of Ozil and Sanchez. We obviously haven’t yet been able to see any of that.


Read what Pires said about him. FFS! Is he already a flop?


At the very best he is a similar level of striker to giroud but he suits our style of play better, He isn’t and never will be world class IMO


Ok, but you can’t call him shit after just some friendlies.


Given that Giroud = CR7 and CR7 is undoubtedly world class, we can safely say that Lacazette is world class too if he’s on level with Giroud.


Put Laca haters in their place! :laca:


Which is why I’m not being an arsehole about it, but instead replying to Cristo with a smile.

You get no smile though you fucker


I didn’t say he was shit I said he isn’t world class and what I’m saying isn’t based on the emirates cup

I’m pretty sure it will become clear very quickly he is no better than welbeck or giroud (who are both pretty good)… hopefully his style of play suits us well and we win more games because of that but it’s just for me a £50m striker should be world class and anyone expecting that of lacazette will be disappointed