Alexandre Lacazette (9)


So when are you going to do your Jacky #10 one @Persona ? :kosc:



Sold like we are about to do with him :mustafi:




We’ll go for a nandos :joy:



It’s the truth, but i guess our fans are gonna abuse him soon :xhaka:


I want him sold already after today’s performance.


couldnt do much considering no one gave him service and especially in any dangerous areas.


Assuming its a joke, if not then grow up lol


Yes to the first part, no to the second.




i like setting really low benchmarks, they’re easier to beat :sunglasses::+1:


That’s what we do here at Arsenal.:ozil2:


Hi again peeps, been too busy to post for a good while now, barely had time to watch the games the latter half of last season and lurk OA.

Also I want to apologise for being extra salty the past couple of years :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:, long story short the stress building up from my studies was killing me. Sorry again to everyone who got unfairly treated :sweat_smile: even though my opinions are the way they are, the way I went about arguing for them at times was just not acceptable.

That being said, I am stoked we signed this guy! Did anyone watch him in the pre-season games? Does he link up well with the rest of the guys yet?


Giroud will be starting ahead of this guy within a month of the season starting if he isn’t from the very first game, Complete waste of £50m IMO


Give him a chance, judge him in May, stop being so negative



I’d prefer to give giroud and/or welbeck thechance seen as tgeir both much better strikers than him


Nice kaner, I like your style, even I can’t doom monger that well or knee Jerk that hard


I’m very serious, I’d probably prefer if we had signed vardy last summer I don’t rate lacazette at all


Lacazette wasn’t my first choice, but I think we should wait until the season actually begins before we start having kittens over him.