Alexandre Lacazette (9)


You do realise every team that wins the league usually has to deal with a 1st 11 player being injured at some point right ?


take any team that is in a tight race for the titles main striker out the team (in a very shocking and traumatic way I may add, seeing your team mates ancle literally hanging on with a few peices of skin is bound to fuck you up) and they will find it a lot harder to win the league don’t you think?


A few articals that back up my point


Can you just fuck off? :wink:


Adebayor was our main striker that season as he scored 24 league goals, just saying.


If that had been Chelsea it happened to Terry would have rallyed the fuck out of the players and they would have won it at a canter. Same for a Tony Adams led Arsenal. But we had William fucking gallas.


hence why true captains are important.


So basically it’s Ashley coles fault we didn’t win the league that year the little cunt


No love for the debut day goalscorer? Looked silky for the 20 mins or so he was on.


The day he sat down in the middle of the pitch sulking like a bitch was the day i really started to hate the fucker…that so badly angered me!


That was the day he became my third favourite Arsenal player


The movement and finish was spot on. Something we’ve been lacking up front for some years… :giroud3:


:fuck me the Ox is so shit


Despite it only being Sydney, he’ll take great confidence bagging a goal on his debut.

Genuinely think he is going to surprise many people in his debut season.


This guy’s xG is through the roof.


Imagine if he truly did average that for us during the season :cech:


In all honesty if our team averages 4 goals per game this season I’d still be pretty happy even if it’s not all Lacazette lol


Harry Kane could fuck off :wenger:



Has a shite tattoo…But at least he gets to meet Alexa and gets his shirt.