Aaron Ramsey (8)


He’s no sexy Chambers.


I don’t want to be rude, but I think you have quite bad taste


Played well

Now if he can keep doing that


Decoy Ramsey is the best Ramsey :ramsey:



I never understood the hype that ‘Ramsey is good looking’ tbh


He is good looking tbh. Just not your type perhaps.


I don’t see it with Ramsey that much, he’s ok looking. Chambers is better, idk if he still has it but with Boro last season with that beard…


Brutality from Rob Holding. :joy:


Can we get one of the mods to change the thread title to Ham Roll Ramsey please? :giroud3:


13/14 Ramsey was arguably the most influential and dominant player in the league - that run of form he had was something else.

Don’t think he’ll recreate that ever again but if he can reach 75% of that, he becomes undroppable given the lack of quality we have in central midfield at the moment.

A return to form would be most welcome, quite unbelievable how average we are at CM right now.


No but I’ll change it to Aaron Hamsey if that gets enough support.


It’s his 300th game for Arsenal today


Expect a goal now.


Annnnd he’s doing it again, swear this guy think he’s a CF.


Pretty damning indictment there getting pulled off at half time for Coquelin lol. It really is head scratching stuff and Wenger is gonna get killed for it but wtf was he doing? It’s like he’d gone rogue or something.


Wenger or Ramsey? Wenger definitely has!


Ramsey, he was not in position…like the whole time.


He’s a prime example of a current day footballer engineered and nurtured by Arsene Wenger and his coaching staff. Such poor standards of all-round preparation and professionalism.


Only saving grace is his runs in the box and timely goals. He isn’t particularly good at anything else. When the goals dry up and were punished for those runs in the box (like today on the counter), his limitations look glaring.


I think hed be great at Liverpool under Klopp.