Aaron Ramsey (8)


Ramsey is gonna have a 13/14 season


Great finish from him tonight, hopefully he’s found his shooting boots because it’s evident he isn’t getting replaced and requisite competition isn’t coming in either.


Ramsey 13/14 God mode finishing :heart_eyes:


I had him in my ff but took him off some days ago. Have to really think hard about whether not to put him back in, he is definitely back in form but can’t really count on Wenga to play him regularly.






Fucking class finish.

Hope he keeps it up


pretty much exactly what @Calum said, hope he’s found some form again like his season a few years ago


Welcome back Rambo!


Hate his fucking face but credit where it’s due.


Jealousy? :campbell:


Constant shit eating grins after sending the ball into row Z just isn’t my thing.

Though not tonight, his touch to bring the ball towards goal was nearly as good as Xhaka’s pass.


…so what celeb will pay for this goal? :skull: :sweat_smile:


Likewise, was swayed by thinking he wasn’t gonna be involved. Think I’ll be bringing him in, take a risk with him starting at 7m and hope regardless he brings enough upside for that money


Yep, I think I might bring him in next week depending on how the weekend goes.


:hushed: He has a beautiful face!


He has a punchable face. But that’s probably because he’s so very punchable as a person.


Showed again how important is for Arsenal. Class finish, solid impact. Arsenal need another one player of his class to compete at top top level.


Ramsey’s goal was my favourite of the 4. Narrowly ahead of Lacazette’s pinpoint header


He took his goal really well. Set himself up nicely and got a sweet connection for the finish. Nice pass by Xhaka too.

He nearly scored shortly before that too with a bursting run into the box with a header. You can hate his punchable face but he’s a clever player.