Aaron Ramsey (8)


The other thing as well about ‘legendary’ players, is they’re usually charismatic and full of personality. And no disrespect to Aaron, but he is basically boring James Milner V2.0. The only statue he’s likely to get anytime soon, would be one for saving the rhinos.


Well it was great that he hit his stride at the end of the season but he spent a long time being dog shit too. Ramsey doesn’t seem to adapt to systems not tailor made to him and probably hasn’t done justice to his ability. For some reason he can appear overconfident at times even when he’s done nothing in ages. Great to have him find his role again but is anyone confident he’ll keep this up?


He has mostly played out of position in our old system, tbh.


His wife looks like @Phoebica


Was going to say he must have impeccable taste, but then I thought hang on, she looks nothing like me, I mean, she’s blonde for one…


This is where I have my SJW dilemma.

One the one hand, don’t be so shallow as to reduce a woman to her physical characteristics. On the other hand… he could do much better.



Upside, though, is with a girl like that you can probably cheat on her loads and even finding out she just doesn’t have enough hand to show you her back. So in that light it could be a pretty clever play from such an un-clever man as Ramsey.


Yeah he probably could have but sometimes the best looking ones are batshit crazy or just plain old vapid. Gotta ask yourself what will you have once the looks fade.

She’s not my speed but if she’s a good woman and mother it trumps having someone that has nothing more than looks going for her.


Maybe she gives some killer blowjobs or does a dead on sheep impersonation.


Oh god, you Peruvians and your backwards sexism.


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His wife looks like @Phoebica

Lay off the beer mate :ramsey:



Makes sense, then he can be sold to Real Madrid as he enters his final year.

Smart boy.


well lets hope he has another season like he did back in 2013 (I think it was then)


Trying to decide whether I should put him in my fantasy team or not. Looked like he was getting himself into the box last season, I think he’s nailed on in the middle with Xhaka and at 7 he’s relatively cheap.


I’ve got Xhaka in my fantasy team but Ramsey doesn’t always start for us so I won’t have him.
I think Xhaka is going to have a good season and Ramsey isn’t going to be a first team regular, unless Wenger doesn’t buy any more midfielders or we get injuries in that position.


Xhaka doesn’t really get goals or assists though, so he’s worthless in fpl.

Ramsey runs into the box so much and occupies so much time there that he can get goals and assists when he’s back on form.

Hmm tricky


The advantage with Xhaka is that he normally plays the full ninety minutes and he gets the occasional goal as well.
Also, if we keep a clean sheet, then he gets an extra point.
To be honest I only have him because he is cheap, and I need the money for either Sanchez, De Bruyne or Hazard, depending on what their situation is.


Xhaka is a walking yellow/red card. FF cancer lol


What a difference he made coming on.

All our goals seemingly built from wild turnovers from our midfield.

Masterclass of a finish.