Aaron Ramsey (8)


Ramsay’s best attribute is his off the ball movement which is why he excels for Wales who do not have high amounts of possession. He is a liability in a team that aims to keep the ball.

To get the best out of him (whatever that is) he has to be played in a 3 or given a free role, for me he doesn’t suit our team and should be moved on ASAP but doesn’t seem like it will happen under Wenger so it’s imperative the tactics suit him when he plays otherwise it’ll be a shit show.


No hope. I’ll drive him to the airport.


^Definitely looks suited to a free role. Özil’s switch to the wing ahead of the midfield still gives him freedom but allows a player like Ramsey to drive forward. It really looks bread and butter for him.

It works in this formation because Xhaka sits deeper, crested by the CB’s.

I’ve been very disappointed with Aaron this season, I really can’t call whether he stays or goes but I’m all for this different approach that seems to be getting the best out of a few players who we thought we’re somewhat scrap parts at this point.


If he can stay fit, and if he isn’t given a so called “free role”, seeing as how that does nothing but encourage all of his bad habits.


Basically played as a second striker coming in from midfield.

Some proper decent goals in there. The 5th one, at Swansea, is a really nice team goal.

That’s also the season Jack scored his wonder goal against Norwich isn’t it? We were playing some really nice football then and I think we were top of the league for more than 100 days no?


Actually he was given a free role for Wales and played very well, it doesn’t encourage his bad habits in the least.

The reason why being given a free role or playing him in the three suits him is because it strips him of the responsibility of keeping the ball, bringing it forward or facilitating phases of play. It allows him to focus on getting forward and being a nuisance with his well timed runs and get in the goal scoring positions.

He does this regardless, the difference being when in a two or asked to have a lot of tactical responsibility he shirks his duties and leaves the midfield with a massive hole in it.

I’m not sure how anyone can try and say after all this time that Ramsey is effective in a two man pivot or a position where tactical nous is key.


Loved the Giroud - Ramsey connection that year. Giroud always involved in his best/important goals. Very underrated partnership that went largely unnoticed despite being so prominant.

Elite link up play from Giroud that season.



Easy when you play with quality players like Ozil, Cazorla, Rosicky, Arteta and Wilshere instead of the only Ozil plus no technical players like Coquelin, Walcott, Elneny, Bellerìn, Welbeck.

2013/2014 has been the last season which we have seen the Wengerball.


Very good today!!


He’s back!!


Still believe he should be shipped off but credit where it’s due he had a very good game.


The extra man in midfield is definitively covering over some of.his weaknesses. Although when Ramsey is free to make those runs that’s when he’s at his best.


His first half has been horrible, but reacted in the second half and played a very good game. Probably hasn’t deserved to win the MOTM present, but well done Rambo.


Him and Xhaka are quite a good partnership. I would have never thought of this.


Ox was the true mvp, but yeah Ramsey played good too.


Looked like he played with a bit more freedom today but not motm worthy for me. Should have went to Ox.


He absolutely deserved MOTM.


Seems to be firing again recently, decent strike from him for 3-1


Deserved goal. He has been good recently.