Aaron Ramsey (8)


What really fucks me right off about him though is that he plays like a cunt for us, but as soon as he is in the wales squad he is a different animal and looks like a top player…the guys attitude fucking stinks. He gets opportunities in the midfield like today and what does he do absolutely fuck all, but for wales he looks great. We pay his wages the shitbag, start playing for your club (when you are not on the treatment table) or just do one sick of players like him now just stealing a living whilst giving the bare minimum.


His control after the ball passed by Gabriel is the perfect image to explain why we will not win the title for the 13th years in a row.


Is he still here?


I can think of a better one.

Sorry, couldn’t resist.


Looks like a glowworm


This shit we’re watching far exceeds individual players at this point.


Play Ramsey, play shit. That’s it.


Out for 3 weeks


This seems quite apt today:


Really bad article though, isn’t it?
Sentence 23, way down the text: "There does seem to be something about Ramsey that brings out the crazy in people."
Yes, it is his football.

The author then proceeds to theorize the fans’ dislike of the Welsh Wizard might originate in the Wilshere-faction of the fanbase, who allegedly see Ramsey as a rival.

Close to the end of the article, the author comes to a conclusion I wholeheartedly agree with:
"Ultimately, these are just theories I have plucked from thin air."
No shit.


Ha definitely. He asks “Why is Aaron Ramsey so unpopular?” And then his answer is basically “Fuck knows!”

Though he does have a point on the Wilshere thing. Particularly on Twitter, Arsenal fans argue amongst themselves over who is better out of Jack and Aaron.


Ramsey is unpopular due to being shit, however he does occasionally do some good things (yes even since 13/14 and even this year) that get downplayed because of the lingering memories of his shitness.


Ramsey is unpopular because he hasnt reached the potential we thought he would, with that purple patch making it impossible to manage expectations.

Though thats more a frustration down to how disjointer our club has become imo, making him and others a scapegoat. The issue with Ramsey lands at Wengers feet imo, sadly.


This guy gets it. :+1:


It’s just crazy that it’s got to the point where he is the complete antithiesis to what a CM should be.

He tries so hard to emulate Lampard, hasn’t been fit to lace his boots literally and figuratively for some time now.


Ramsey’s issues are his fault and his alone. Since 2014/15 his outright refusal to adapt, improve or alter his game despite obvious signs on the wall.

The only blame you can lay at Wenger is giving this guy multiple opportunities to succeed in CM and not cashing in when we could easily get £25M+


What a strange assumption. Of course he strives to adapt and improve.


Wenger has made his career out of developing talent I think it’s harsh to blame Wenger for Ramsey’s obvious stall.

Let’s be honest, Wenger even came out publicly to say he thinks Ramsey should go back to doing the simple things and he never did that.

For me, Ramsey career stalled because he never tried to improve upon the 13/14 season and all the injuries he has suffered has just made his career stop start from then onwards.

Sell for me. Not good enough and it’s certainly not Wengers fault.


As far as development goes, Ramsey hasn’t sought an ideal threshold for Wenger to build around. There are ways to play him, like with the Welsh national side and he really dictates everything in the middle. With Arsenal, he hasn’t been able to give Wenger enough thought to rest the team’s creative side on Aaron’s shoulders.

Stamping down £35M for Xhaka was an indication of Wenger moving forwards and thinking about deploying his midfield differently. I think there will be some midfield movement in the summer and I wouldn’t be surprised if Ramsey was to be sold.


I’d think we should cash in come the summer, if we do get a new manager in then Ramsey be top of the list to probably cash in on and give Wilshire his place. I’m not sure he’d get many admires from the top teams but I could see him warming the bench at a City or making a name for himself for a top 4 side in Italy or Germany. I think we’ve got the best out of him that one off season when he looked world class doubt he get better then that. I think he needs a new challenge somewhere else.