Aaron Ramsey (8)


Crash test for him during the next four games with a donkey near him like Coquelin.


I gotta say I loved that cross he put in early in the game, wish that resulted in a goal for us.


All flicks n tricks our Ramsey ! His attempt at the scorpion was laughable !


Yeah, but if it comes off. They’re usually more luck than judgment.




Granted they are Burnley, but they have taken points off United, Everton, Southampton and Liverpool.

Despite having a poor season, no team is to be taken lightly.


They only have one point away from home all season though


True, but its still the same squad on the same sized pitch playing the same game, and it shows they are capable of beating bigger teams.

Perhaps im being ignorant, but im not convinced that playing at home offers a huge advantage these days. Pitch regulations and money spent mean on maintenance mean that playing virtually any league team is a top end luxury.


Look at our own record against Stoke home and away. Or the North London Derby. Home and away makes a big difference in a lot of ways I think.


Yeah im not doubting it exists and can he referenced, i just dont think it’s as big a deal as it used to be. Internationally it is for sure, but domestically?

We have seen it have zero impact on more than enough occaisions.


Well Burnley have 1 point away from home and the other 25 were gained at home, so whether it’s home or away clearly does make a pretty big difference for them, and therefore the team they’re playing against on any given weekend.


Indeed, their away form has been appauling. But as i said, they are still capable of taking points of far bigger teams, and given who they have taken points off of, shouldn’t be taken lightly.

They very nearly drew with us afterall.


But is that because of their ability or our inability too close out games? We should have made that 2-0, but made it difficult for ourselves once again.


Annnd it was a hell ova point :smirk:, to be fair to Burnley tho I doubt they realistically woulda expected much more give their away run in, I mean look at this shit they’ve arguably had the hardest set of away fixtures in the league so far.

Just a little heads up but not every pitch has the same dimensions, the area for ours for example is 7,140 meters while Burnley’s on the other hand is 6,864 ideal for someone like Sean Dyche who likes to defend with a low block.


Okok slight variances. But i don’t believe that detracts from my point at all on this occaision.

Edit: thanks for correcting me btw. Good to know.


My best position is CM Ramsey


At least he is injured. Hope to never see him again this season.


That bad eh?


in all honesty i want to see the back of him, i am sick of him. He does nothing for the team in general, he cant pass cant attack shit at defending cant cross neither he has no real impact on the game apart from slowing us down…cant wait to see that back of him but of course we harbour shit players like this like a bad smell and sell our best, shambolic club.


He’s like the CM version of Chamberlain.

Without the goals or assists which he finds incredibly hard to come by these days he’s just a black hole taking up the space that could be filled by a far superior player.

I hope we’re well shot of him soon, but since he’s a Wenger disciple he’ll be stinking up the squad for some time yet.