Aaron Ramsey (8)


It’s Wenger’s persistence with players like Ramsey that are the reason we have gone stale.

It is also the reason we are going to struggle to keep our best players like Sanchez.


We’ve let players like Dybala, Dembele and the like pass us by because he couldn’t stand to disenfranchise the likes of Chamberlain, Walcott et al.

Loyalty to mediocrity will never pay dividends, but I suppose when top four is considered the objective he can persist to his hearts content.


Shocking. I understand that it was probably a difficult decision either way, so fair enough on persevering with him this year, but Ramsey has thoroughly let the club down once again. Surely he’s getting replaced in the summer?


There’s going to be such a cull of the key WengerBoys (e.g. Ramsey) when the next manager finally arrives, I can feel it. Some will want to leave and others will be booted out, but I imagine the change could be extreme over the course of a few transfer windows, assuming he gets that long.


I can’t wait Robin. Gonna be so refreshing. Let’s hope it’s this summer :pray:


There is a sense of irony in that coddling them and protecting as much as he has he’s essentially set them up to fail under a new manager.

They’ve had it so good for so long they won’t be prepared at all, they will either be straight up told they’ve got to go or playing time will be so severely limited they’ll be forced to seek regular football elsewhere. Well, I hope so anyway.


I think if Wenger leaves, I fully expect a lot of his dross to leave with him. I think this is Ramsey’s last season, I’d be surprised if he gets a move to Real or Barca. I expect either a move to Italy, Germany or China. I’d be very surprised if a top PL team pay big money for him, aside from that one off season when he looked world class and his part in Wales Euro 2016, he’s been shockingly average really. At best I could see the Manchester clubs putting in a bid for him on the cheap. I can’t imagine him taking a step down to a mid table team in the PL, his ego would be crushed.

My problem with Ramsey is he plays for himself and not for the best of the team, he let that one off season go to his head and clearly is playing for a move to Real and Barca so badly. He slows our game down badly but Wenger seems to want to prove people wrong and sticks by him. Also he doesn’t perform to the levels he does for Wales.

I think Ox, Gibbs and Jenko will be let go or will want out. I think Gibbs and Ox will end up decent PL players with mid table clubs. I think Jenko is championship bound with spells here or there in the PL. I’m 50/50 on Wilshire, I fear that he probably wants to start afresh and leave his time at Arsenal behind. I don’t think the love is there that he once had for the club. Maybe under a new manager it might come back. I think Walcott will stay.


China is a great call.

Ramsey would make a ton of money, be the face of a club and get to showboat around the pitch.


If Ramsey moves it will ne to a team like Crystal Palace, nobody from out of the country wants this baddie.


I could see him moving overseas - he probably has more cache outside of England at this point.


79 passes with 92% accuracy. The most attempts and the highest accuracy in the team against Bournemouth. I thought he was perfectly fine when he played in midfield during that second half.

Made some good runs that weren’t tracked, helped to bring the ball out of the defense and covered lots of ground as usual. Nothing amazing, but a decent and quite disciplined “back to basics” performance, I thought.

I wouldn’t want Wenger to give up on the Xhaka-Ramsey midfield just yet, that’s crazy talk. They started what, one game together and that was a 4-1 win against Basel.


Doesn’t have much of a choice anyway.


Right, but I don’t think just for a few games when Coq is out injured, is enough either. I want to see them play together for the majority of the remaining games now with Cazorla injured. If it’s obvious early on that Ramsey is a complete disaster with zero signs of progress, then sure… go ahead and drop him in favor of Elneny.

Anyway, I’m not even asking for a lot here. Just an extended run of games, so that you can see if he at least can return to being the player he was before everyone (including himself) decided that he was some kind of attacking midfielder.
I don’t want him to have “freedom” to run around everywhere and attack or something like that. I just want some disciplined box to box performances, where he helps out by “connecting” the team. Kinda like he did in 12-13 and what he seemed to do quite a bit against Bournemouth.

Dislike the idea of Ramsey as an attacker/#10. That’s not what he was when he was good and he’s only gotten worse ever since that bullshit began in 2014-2015.


Had loads of criticisim and had a poor first half yesterday. Showed great touch and finish on that goal yesterday though.
He has ability Ramsey but wont happen here. Needs another team, manager and system but hes got quality for me.


Injury has forced Wenger’s hand and now Ramsey/Xhaka will be the combination by default for a series of upcoming key games. Let’s see how they do.


Well I hope but not holding my breath, Ramsey has a tendency to go missing and Xhaka is not the fastest.


Here’s to many more games with not a single post in his thread :ramsey:


:eyes: Rambo


First time I remember him actually looking like a genuine midfielder in a while.

Was Burnley at home though…


He was ok but still frustrating, he’d be useful if he could start finding the net again.