Aaron Ramsey (8)


Brought nothing, missed a golden chance. Need more from him, a lot more.


We need him to leave. That’s what we need from Ramsey.


I offer my car to transfer him to the airport when he will leave us.


Or i’ll pay for the taxi.


I honestly think he’s one of the worst players in the squad.


Surprise surprise! He plays and we almost lost.



because he showed again how is poor. The difference between him and Elneny is the same between Camilla and Kate.


Ah, if only IORP were here to tell us what he thinks of Ramsey :ramsey:


Best football comparison of all time.


Hot garbage.


I don’t know that we’ll ever see the best of Ramsey. That one season when he was paired with Arteta was a situation where Ramsey had a lot of freedom and not a ton of responsibility. It doesn’t look like he’s able to follow instructions on the pitch and when you have a manager like Arsene who is all about “expressing yourself” over clear tactical instructions you’re going to end up with a muddle in midfield.

It may be a little over the top but I would definitely consider selling him.


It’s not over the top at all, but my worry when we talk of selling Ramsey (which absolutely should happen) is what we do after and if thats renew Wilshere we’re no better off.


Still hasn’t scored a single goal this season which is supposedly his biggest strength as a midfielder.


It’s funny because after that one season we thought IORP had been proven wrong but looks like he’s been proven right now hahaha


You sir are a genius.


Hollywood Ramsey has little to offer this team like so many others, however, as Wongas love child he will always get to play.


Juventus ask for Arsenal star during Miralem Pjanic transfer negotiations

JUVENTUS are interested in signing Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey, according to reports in Italy.

Please God let this be true. :smiley:


Serie A is his level. Hope we can sell him.


We should have sold him when we could. Always looking like playing for himself and going for his own glory, screaming for the ball and then fucking everything up.