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Thread: Unofficial official RC car / Boat

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    Unofficial official RC car / Boat

    Is there anyone interested in radio control cars/boats ?

    I help to run a rc boat club - &

    Anything from Swing rigs to MFA cruisers and subs

    Also interested in the car side of things and have a FG Marder that im considering to convert to 4x4 and going upto 29cc with a ported head.

    Anyway ....................

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    Not quite a car or boat but I have 2 r/c aeroplanes a Eurofighter Typhoon twin fan jet and a Supermarine Spitfire which only really get used if I take them back with me when I go home to Wales as in London there's just no where local enough to use them, especially the Eurofighter Typhoon as its so fast!

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