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    Champions League/Europa League Thread

    Well I didn't claim anything different so I don't need to come up with examples. My initial point was I think recognition should be made of the fact that

    shamrockgooner Today, 06:15 Go to last post

    Official Manchester United thread

    Yea I can see the pessimistic point of view quite easily. I just feel like we're due a result against them this time round. It's probably based on hope

    shamrockgooner Today, 06:08 Go to last post

    Cesc Fabregas

    But but you didn't think Cesc should be bought in summer.

    Trion Today, 01:59 Go to last post

    Robin van Persie

    You didn't want Cesc in the summer.

    Trion Today, 01:56 Go to last post

    FIFA 15

    EA really got a top soundtrack this year! Best one in years IMO as there is so many top tunes on it

    Calum Today, 00:29 Go to last post