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    Tory Nightmare

    Vile scum take us all for muppets. Them and their mouthpiece paper the Daily Record are trying their hardest to get the unashamed Blair-ite

    Electrifying Today, 20:13 Go to last post

    Welbeck or Giroud

    Rotate them. Let them fight it out. Its a 11v11 on the poll right now and it conveys exactly how I feel on the matter.

    Fuzzboll Today, 20:09 Go to last post

    Olivier Giroud (12)

    Wait do we get another wild card in jan? I haven't even used my first one yet!

    Cristo Today, 20:09 Go to last post

    Welbeck or Giroud

    Just don't see this as an either or question. I see them as alternatives and sometime partners.
    Both are short of real predatory instinct but are

    stroller Today, 20:08 Go to last post

    Welbeck or Giroud

    After watching utter shite stumbling around up front for such a long time it is a wonder we haven't given Podolski a run up front, like five games straight

    oompa Today, 20:07 Go to last post