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    Akny Gooner

    Lukas Podolski (9)

    I can't remember who it was that said it but this quote about Podolski is quite telling:

    'Podolski is lethal when in the right position.....but

    Akny Gooner Today, 04:49 Go to last post

    ArsŤne Wenger

    I do not mind Wenger's stubbornness... as long as he takes responsibility for the results of it. And he isn't.

    Wenger's deflection of accountability

    rednwhitearmy Today, 04:38 Go to last post

    You spend, we spend. Get behind the cause!

    Why the fuck does Moh have any credibility? Because he goes on Robbie's youtube channel?

    Please, he's a man of excuses - he praises the club

    rednwhitearmy Today, 04:00 Go to last post

    Official Liverpool Thread

    You strike me as a Mourinho fan. Fair our striker selection is shit. Giroud isn't good enough and his back up is not good enough. But to be fair to

    Fuzzboll Today, 01:52 Go to last post

    Gareth Bale

    He's had a great first season but whether its enough to justify the cost is up for debate. I don't know if I posted it but I remember thinking that he

    Fuzzboll Today, 01:13 Go to last post