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    Danny Welbeck (23)

    Well Wenger didn't buy Wellbeck because he believes him greatly superior to Giroud, but rather because Giroud was injured and his hand was forced. He

    Dr_Strangepass Today, 07:52 Go to last post

    Antonio Rudiger

    I like him just for the fact Chelsea are interested in him, and he told them he supports Arsenal.

    InvincibleDB10 Today, 07:43 Go to last post

    Sunderland Vs Arsenal (PL) 3PM

    Podolski Podolski Podolski Gibbs
    Podolski Podolski

    InvincibleDB10 Today, 07:40 Go to last post

    Mesut Özil (11)

    I'm questioning his ability to adjust to the league he is in now. I just cant see him having the resolve that Pires or other artists of the game showed

    Zedie Today, 07:26 Go to last post

    Danny Welbeck (23)

    I think this is what pisses me off about Wellbecks signing really. Why is it OK to buy a marginal upgrade on Giroud but we just decided to make do at

    shamrockgooner Today, 07:00 Go to last post