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    ArsŤne Wenger

    Say what you want about the man but I love him, it's been a long and sometimes tedious relationship but I for one will be emotional when the big man steps

    DB10's_LoveChild Today, 21:00 Go to last post

    Theo Walcott (14)

    This is obviously true but also a false choice. Any top player has both qualities: The ability to play well and the ability to stay healthy enough to

    Powderfinger Today, 21:00 Go to last post

    The official Tennis Thread

    Djokovic fan myself, saw he was a Milan fan many years ago so was the obvious choice. I cant stand the Williams sisters, sure they're talented but they're

    Gio Today, 20:54 Go to last post

    Arturo Vidal


    Jacek Today, 20:54 Go to last post


    Hahaha mate, even for your cynical self, that is a bit far fetched

    Cristo Today, 20:37 Go to last post