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    The Walking Dead

    Don't lie you nerd. You spend too much time on this forum to be anything other than this guy.

    MrBigSpuds Today, 13:33 Go to last post

    Mesut Özil (11)

    Hmm, carry on then.

    MrBigSpuds Today, 13:21 Go to last post

    The Walking Dead

    Yeah, the problem is a lot of the guys wanted to bring their girlfriends and friends-who-are-girls along as well which would make everything so much more

    Cristo Today, 13:20 Go to last post

    Alexis Sanchez (17)

    Now has his own Twitter account!


    SomersetGooner Today, 13:17 Go to last post

    The Walking Dead

    Numbers would be the logical way to go, having a tight-knit group to begin with gives you a definite advantage from the start.

    g4e Today, 13:12 Go to last post