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    Thierry Henry

    Wouldn't hurt to give him those 5 months, Especially if he was going to move back to London and even more so if he was going to take up a role at The

    TheDoctor Today, 14:15 Go to last post

    Arsenal Reserves & Youths

    ^Yeah, those are pretty much the ones to watch, nice one @jeez . I haven't seen enough of Hinds yet to say if he has a shot to make it, but along with

    ArseneCuellar Today, 14:14 Go to last post

    Thierry Henry

    I would do this just to get him started on his coaching career at Arsenal. Let him have a couple of cameo's in the FA Cup or garbage time in the CL (if

    Ljungbergkamp Today, 13:56 Go to last post

    Chelsea - Arsenal FC (Premier League)

    Dreading this honestly... I still think we aren't ready for them and Mou seems to have our number right now (have I said before how much I f*ing hate

    Ljungbergkamp Today, 13:52 Go to last post

    Danny Welbeck (23)

    Believed he could be good for us when he signed, maybe United sold the wrong England striker? Haha

    Darkseid Today, 13:50 Go to last post