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    Arsène Wenger

    I could be flippant here and do the tl:dr thing but I did actually read it so instead will say let that be the last time [MENTION=9498]ArseneCuellar[/MENTION]

    BradyMagic Today, 21:41 Go to last post

    Arsenal vs Manchester United (PL)

    TheDoctor Today, 21:40 Go to last post

    Arsenal vs Manchester United (PL)

    LEts see how did the game go
    Lots of posession Tick
    Some good Chances Tick
    shit referee Tick
    Concede a silly Goal Tick

    Drayton Today, 21:38 Go to last post

    Arsène Wenger

    The thing is none of those solutions are guaranteed to produce results. I think it's unlikely that Arsenal has not been working with the players on the

    ArseneCuellar Today, 21:36 Go to last post

    Arsenal vs Borussia Dortmund (26th November, 19h45)

    A very unremarkable game given the size of the 2 clubs, for the reasons Calum states.

    Dortmund are quality despite their domestic league

    Robin_L Today, 21:31 Go to last post