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    Dutch Gooner

    Olivier Giroud (12)

    If we use that logic all our players are rubbish.

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    Dutch Gooner

    Travel - Where ya going? Where ya been? Pics!

    Looking to go to Borneo this summer, for about a month. It will probably depend on whether my finances allow me to go or not, but I just have to make

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    Olivier Giroud (12)

    what we have to face cristo- accidents happen. even to giroud.
    we are getting to the end of the season and we haven't won anything yet. the time

    lengooner Today, 05:27 Go to last post

    Lukas Podolski *Out on Loan*

    just seen this on my local Football TV Show, plus this comment: "a player who just works for his NT but doesn't at club level and never has."

    LFS-forward Today, 03:13 Go to last post

    Mesut Özil (11)

    Hope this helps:

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