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    William Silva de Carvalho

    Sporting need money, we have money. Lump a sum upfront, bosh.

    Nafe Today, 08:24 Go to last post

    what was the last film you watched?

    Death Rides a Horse

    One of the best Spaghetti Westerns ever made.


    g4e Today, 08:21 Go to last post

    Luke Shaw

    Yeh I think so too Adam.

    Maybe a bit of both seeing as LvG comes across as a demanding manager but this works well with Shaw being the big

    Nafe Today, 08:15 Go to last post

    Arsène Wenger

    Was really good seeing Wenger relaxed in the press conference. one thing i've hated for the past few years is seeing Wenger under pressure and stressed.

    g4e Today, 08:14 Go to last post

    Match Day Info and Tickets

    I'm probably going to have a spare for the Everton game. Am going away from this afternoon until next Saturday though and most likely won't be able to

    Robin_L Today, 08:07 Go to last post