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    Goals against Chelsea

    Referees sure have played their part too, I remember we were denied a blatant penalty last season in the 0-0 (foul on Walcott) and then yesterday the

    AW49 Today, 05:22 Go to last post

    PL - Arsenal vs. Chelsea

    yesterdays game was men against boys. the chavs just bullied us about at will/

    we lost the ball too easily.
    we gave the ball away

    lengooner Today, 05:17 Go to last post

    Killing of black people by US Police

    God damn that's ballsy.

    arsenal4thetreble Today, 04:48 Go to last post

    Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (15)

    We had theo and welbeck with plenty of pace and energy...it wouldn't have mattered one bit.

    arsenal4thetreble Today, 04:46 Go to last post

    Aaron Ramsey (16)

    I would have liked to see where his strike would have gone had Giroud not been in the way.

    arsenal4thetreble Today, 04:43 Go to last post