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    CL: Arsenal vs Monaco - 25/2/15 - 19:45

    a lot of people don't like the truth though g4e. The truth hurts some people so they would sooner just bowl along settling for top 4 mediocrity. anything

    lengooner Today, 06:35 Go to last post

    Islamic State


    Bumbaclaaaat! So the news is calling your uni a "hotbed for fanatics"?

    KingInTheNorth Today, 06:19 Go to last post

    Olivier Giroud (12)

    Losing 1 nil at home isn't the end of the world in this tie. Allowing three goals pretty much makes it impossible.


    arsenal4thetreble Today, 05:59 Go to last post

    Citizenfour - Must watch doc on Snowden Leaks

    Interesting stuff. Looks like I've got my entertainment for the week--Citizenfour, House of Cards, My Country My Country

    KingInTheNorth Today, 05:29 Go to last post

    Playstation 4

    Far Cry 4 is brilliant. Shadow of Mordor is good but it's worth saving your money for when it becomes cheaper.

    Haven't played the rest but

    Hassan Today, 04:44 Go to last post