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    Sunderland Vs Arsenal (PL) 3PM

    why exactly is jack suspended?

    e:/ nvm... just found the 5th card

    PinkPurpleBlue Today, 15:11 Go to last post

    Mesut Özil (11)

    Nailed it ... And I'm out

    Titou14 Today, 15:04 Go to last post

    Shootout at Canadian parliament

    There's no evidence that this is a jihadist attack. It may turn out to be correct, but for the moment we should refrain from making judgement calls before

    Jules Today, 15:02 Go to last post

    Mesut Özil (11)

    Whether it gets an answer or not doesn't make a question any less of a question.

    However you called it serious, and that is very false.

    MrBigSpuds Today, 14:59 Go to last post

    Mesut Özil (11)

    Is it even a question if it can not get an answer from the questioned?

    morrisc311 Today, 14:56 Go to last post