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    Operations room

    'Are we

    slide Today, 11:17 Go to last post

    Aaron Ramsey (16)

    In all fairness, Beckham, even forgetting all the surrounding hype, was not a bad player.....

    JohnnyH Today, 11:16 Go to last post

    Aaron Ramsey (16)

    Yeah no comparison's to Beckham as Ramsey is actually a decent footballer.

    Arsenalpredators Today, 11:10 Go to last post

    Predictions for the 14/15 season?

    At the moment I'd say third.

    Liverpool have been dealt a killer blow. Man Utd have a lot of work to do. Everton need to improve.

    Hassan Today, 11:10 Go to last post

    Aaron Ramsey (16)

    Ramsey's got the same slightly dull, non-offensive persona as Beckham as well. Could go in the same direction marketability-wise, but when Beckham was

    Robin_L Today, 11:06 Go to last post