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    Mesut ÷zil (11)

    The team name should probably just be changed to that. In fact we should get rid of gunnersaurus and replace him with a big wenger with his puffy jacket.

    arsenal4thetreble Today, 03:07 Go to last post

    Arsenal Financials

    Wish we had enough cash to be tactically astute, properly prepare for our opponents in a modern way, not come out totally flat and unprepared for the

    morrisc311 Today, 02:04 Go to last post

    Mesut ÷zil (11)

    I don't think a lot of that makes any sense whatsoever, but next time just save yourself some trouble and just post "Arsene FC not Arsenal FC"

    morrisc311 Today, 02:01 Go to last post

    Mesut ÷zil (11)

    Daily Fail reporting his girlfriend has moved out of his gaff.

    If true could be a good thing.

    Darkseid Today, 00:57 Go to last post

    Victor Valdes

    Pool are mugs not to get him Mignolet is no elite keeper.

    Darkseid Today, 00:11 Go to last post